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My love affair with photo started with VOGUE

I was 12 years old and I vividly remember spending hours upon hours pouring over my mother's VOGUE magazines. The glossy pages filled with creative and artful photo shoot concepts connected with me in a way I could tell was special.


High fashion, daring creativity, and art for arts sake - all of these elements have made a strong impact on my work and perspective.  I am always interested in telling a story, I pay close attention to framing and composition, and I love finding angles that are surprisingly sweet, artistic, edgy, and vulnerable. 

My photography is deeply inspired by design, editorial photography and layout.

Chandeliers, yoga & travel

I've always had an obsession with chandeliers (and interior design in general), I love yoga not just because of the workout, but because it helps me pay attention to me, where I am at, and what's going on in my inner world.


My husband and I just bought our first home (YAY!) and we just got a puppy (a sweet Vizsla named Penny). We traveled to Iceland in May 2018 and looking at dates for Japan in 2019 :) I married a man who loves adventure...and I am not mad about this.  

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