I don't quite know how to explain it in words,  but when I'm with a client and we are both with the intention of getting some shots...I become highly aware of inspiration. It kinda just, happens. Don't get me wrong, it's not a heavenly experience every time - in fact, how boring would that be?! No, rather, this just tends to be the space where I feel most me. Most alive. Most living.


I welcome the challenges that come with a session; whether it's imperfect lighting, last minute change of scenery, or simply an off day (for me or my client!). Because it's these challenges that push me further, they stretch my creative brain and make it even more ready and more skilled for the next time, and the next. 

I finally understand the geeky-excitement that I've read so many others write about their own particular passions...I finally get it. And how grateful I am to get it. I've worked hard for that feeling, so I am going to enjoy it. 

wedding planner extraordinaire

model + photographer 

life coach, boss lady

make-up artist magician

There are SO many more sessions I wanted to post here. They will be saved for another day. Thanks for reading and following along~

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