Kari is a make-up artist. She specializes in lash extensions. Seriously, get a load of her lashes - I am sure you'll be booking her immediately at The Avari Beauty. This was a product focused shoot - Kari is partnering with MVMT and she asked me to grab some photos of her wearing MVMT's watch and sunglasses. 

Get Creative

I want to share with you a secret: you *do not* need a fancy studio to capture a diverse set of creative images. While I am all about a lovely location and backdrop (do you have one, are you offering it to me? I won't turn you away ;))...sometimes you gotta get creative and find those spaces in a room that will highlight your subject and purpose. 

This session was shot in a well lit garden-level basement. Your everyday basement with a couch, TV, carpet, etc. What's most important is lighting (natural light only), wall color (neutral or non-distracting), props (to give yourself some purpose and to help direct the shoot), and some open wall space to allow yourself opportunity for a clean slate to work against. Kari also had this cute ledge running against one side of her room so I asked her to sit on it for a couple shots (sorry, Kari!! I am sure it was uncomfortable!). We also used the ledge as a spot for her to lay her arm to grab some more detail shots of the MVMT watch. Lastly, we popped outside on her front stoop to grab some shots of her and that beautiful blue sky - rounded out the session vibes nicely.