Lessons on cool

and kind.

Truthfully, these two do both with ease and I'm taking my cues from them. Whenever I work with this duo I am struck by their sense of adventure and open heart toward the world what lies ahead. Also, it must be known; they bought a SCHOOL BUS. I meeeean. Yeah. If that's not cool, I don't know what is. They are renovating it and you can check that out on Sam's blog. 

When Sam asked me if I had any spots in mind I replied that I didn't really and was open to what she might be thinking. She said she'd give it some thought and get back to me. I am someone who likes to venture out and find fresh new scenes, so I was trying to rack my brain for parts of the city (Minneapolis) that I have driven by and made the mental note; YES, SHOOT HERE SOMETIME SOON...but never put it in my phone, so I inevitably forget it. Mental note; document my mental notes.


I've shot at the Walker number of times, but for some reason it kept coming to the forefront when thinking about this particular couples session. I decided not to ignore it's persistence and chose to trust my gut on this one. Glad I did. This album is the epitome of creative, diverse, interesting, and beautiful. All things I aim for. 


I love The Walker Art Center for the variety of clean, simple, and angular backdrops. And all within feet of each other - we get to build a diverse set of interesting photos...all without too much fuss. Both the photographer and the couple are advantaged when the location allows for some diversity in backdrop. Also. I've had some time to reflect on how/why/where my inspiration comes from while shooting...and I've realized that I take cues from my environment. It's kind of that, "if the walls could speak" they would tell me how to direct my couple :) Which honestly brings up an entire other subject I am incredibly passionate about: the photographer's presence. I believe that we can be present in a way that allows us to slow down, see and hear our couple, and make some gentle direction and guidance from that point. I will probably blog all about that some day. 

Walker Art Center

Did you know there's an underground white room (with chalky grey stone lower half w/ bench that wraps around the entire room - see the photo up top of Sam jumping). ^ Here's a shot from below looking up. I love the cleanliness of the backdrop...but also the interest that comes with the differing shades of light. Angles + smooth curved movement are just <3  

This is the entrance to that "underground" room, which has a large opening at the top and lets in so much good sweet natural light.

Um. I feel like this speaks for itself. But I can speak to it anyway; I love that there are basically 3 colors here; blue, green, gray/white. Simplicity in backdrop offers you to highlight your couple that much more.

Yeah, I don't have Sam and Jack in this one, but I should.

I've got so much more to say about my process - from the initial inquiry from a couple to the very end product of editing and delivering the set. I plan to break this process down and share bits and pieces as time goes on. I am so passionate about sharing what I see, what I do, that I love starting and holding conversations around it all. After blogging this I have 10+ ideas for future blogs, so I need your help narrowing it down.


Whether you're a creative, bride, photographer, or human...let me know what you'd like see next. 


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